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Youth Líderes Program Alumni Are Excited To Announce...


September 26, 2017

[Video description: he video opens with California Manos del Corazón's logo. California Manos del Corazón's logo is in all caps. Manos is bolded black while Corazón is in red. At the left of California Manos del Corazón, a hand is holding a full heart. The hand is outlined in black with brown shading; the heart is outlined in black with red shading. The video opens with the white wall in the background, Emilio and Armando in black shirts with logos are standing and looking at the camera.]




Armando: I am Armando.

Emilio: I am Emilio.

Armando: This is about La Raza Youth Scholarship. We have good news for you.

Emilio: The deadline for the application has extended until September 28th. Submit the application as soon as possible, please.

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