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CMC Website Announcement

April 19, 2018

[Video description: The video opens with California Manos del Corazón's logo. California Manos del Corazón's logo is in all caps. Manos is bolded black while Corazón is in red. To the left of California Manos del Corazón, a hand is holding a full heart. The hand is outlined in black with brown shading; the heart is outlined in black with red shading. The video opens with Francisco “Cisco” Arias. Chicano is wearing a red-black-white flannel long-sleeved shirt, glasses, a snapback with the words Xicano drawn on the inside visor. He is sporting a beard. He is wearing some bracelets and a watch. The background is black. The scene introduces “” in a white font, and the next scene credits “Francisco Arias, Sign Model” in a white font. The video closed with California Manos del Corazón's logo.]



Hey! What's poppin' y’all?! California Manos del Corazón (CMC) want to announce some exciting news: we have been working on completing the development of the CMC's website. However, we are not yet done. There are three things that are still in the works to finalize our website: Lengua de Señas Mexicana (LSM) translation, American Sign Language (ASL) translation and Spanish language translation. Once all of these translations are complete, we will move forward and publish our website to you all. We hope you enjoy the website. Thank you! ¡Muchas gracias!

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