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National DACA Mobilization Day


December 15, 2017

On Tuesday, September 5th, California Manos del Corazón Board Members Janette Durán-Aguirre and Roberto Sandoval participated in the National DACA Mobilization Day at the Placita Olvera, Downtown Los Angeles. We MARCHED and PROTESTED the inhumane decision by the Trump administration.

#HereToStay #HereToFight #DefendDACA #DreamAct #OwnItconCMC #CaliforniaManosdelCorazon #UndocuMedia

Image description: A large crowd of pro-DACA marchers holding various signs. The two most apparent signs are located at the center of the image. The first sign is in black with white writing that reads in capital letters “I STAND WITH MY DACA STUDENTS” (STUDENTS is underlined 3 times). The second sign is neon-colored with black capitalized writing that reads “THE JESUS I FOLLOW SAID WELCOME THE STRANGER.” The background is full of trees and branches.

Image description: A person with long hair, braided at the end, sunglasses holding up a sign in white that reads “¡Defendamos DACA!” with a closed fist on the lower left hand corner and a butterfly on the upper right hand corner. The person is among the large crowd of people marching for DACA. There are large trees with branches in the background.

Image description: A large crowd of pro-DACA marchers carrying numerous signs. At the center of the image is a sign with a gold-orange lined background with a large butterfly. Inside the butterfly are different aspects of art--a face in both of the butterfly’s wings. At the bottom of the butter, a phrase reads “migration is beautiful.” There are large trees and some buildings in the background.

Image Description: A group of pro-DACA marchers moving forward on a street. Many marchers are carrying multiple signs. The most visible is in the center of the image with a person in a wheelchair. The person's sign reads in capital letters “SIN PAPELES Y SIN MIEDO.” SIN PAPELES is in blue; Y is in black, and SIN is in purple, MIEDO is in bright orange. There is a large banner in front of the marchers that read “CHIRLA” which stands for Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights. In the background is a big yellow building with windows.

Image description: A light-skinned, long-haired Latinx with a black hat, red bandana wrapped around their neck, and a black top with the words in white font that reads vertically “UNDOCUMENTED, UNAFRAID, UNAPOLOGETIC.” Behind the person is a large crowd of pro-DACA marchers.

Image description: A crowd of pro-DACA advocates and marchers gather behind a person holding a sign. The sign consists of wording in black font that reads “Protect my Innocent, Keep the Dream alive.” Besides the wording is a hand-drawn image of the Statue of Liberty in green with a tie of the USA flag.

Justino Mora is an immigrant rights activist and co-founder of UndocuMedia.

[Image Description: Three smiling Latinxs taking a picture and looking straight to the camera. Presented from left to right: Roberto Sandoval wearing a grey California Manos del Corazón t-shirt; a light-skinned Latino, Justino Mora, with glasses and a black t-shirt that reads “UndocuMedia” in blue and orange colors; Janette Durán-Aguirre with glasses in a black blouse. Behind them is a large gathering of pro-DACA marchers.]

Image description: Pro-DACA marchers are gathered before a white building with stairs. At the center of the image is a sign a person with a cap is holding. The sign consists of Donald Trump’s face painted in the trademark colors of Ronald McDonald; Trump is wearing a suit with a yellow McDonald pin. The sign has red at the border and yellow in the middle. In black lettering, the phrase at the top reads in capital letters “ESTAMOS RESISTIENDO RACISMO Y DISCRIMINACION.”

Image description: A large crowd of pro-DACA marchers. The camera focuses on one person holding a sign with a yellow background. The reads in capital letters “EDUCATION NOT DEPORTATION.” The words are in black font except “NOT,” which is in red. The background is filled with large trees.

Image description: Three persons are smiling at the camera. (From left to right) Roberto Sandoval wearing a grey California Manos del Corazón t-shirt; black person with red/white striped t-shirt with arms over Roberto’s and Janette’s shoulders; Janette with glasses wearing burgundy pants and a black blouse. Roberto and Janette are holding signs that read “Mi existir es resistir.” Roberto’s sign background color is black; Janette’s sign background color is red.

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