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Mission, Passion and Tagline

Mission Statement

California Manos del Corazón (CMC) – TOGETHER we Connect, Empower, Decolonize, all in SOLIDARITY.

About Our Mission

California Manos del Corazón is committed to honoring our Latinx intersectional communities by breaking down the social, political, educational, economic, communication and language barriers that have created inequalities for us.

Passion Statement

Celebrate our intersectional identities and our communities. Revel in our cultures, heritages, traditions, and languages. Own it.

About Our Passion

California Manos del Corazón recognizes and celebrates our diverse communities. As we embark on our journeys to honor our cultures, we become empowered with knowledge together and we stand in solidarity.


Connect. Empower. Decolonize. Solidarity.

About Our Tagline

In connecting with each other, we empower ourselves as we decolonize and stand together in solidarity to break down barriers.

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