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Why focus on Latinx Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened (DDBDDHHLD) communities in the state of California?


Latinxs are now the largest ethnic group in California. California has six times as many Latinxs today than in 1970. The large majority of Latinxs in California are here legally and are working, federal statistics show [Reese & Maganini]. Latinx Californians support scores of Spanish-language newspapers, radio, and TV stations.


California Manos del Corazón values and promotes both language access and communication access for all DDBDDHHLD individuals. California Manos del Corazón strives to ensure all Latinx families and their DDBDDHHLD children have equal and full participation in every activity in their lives. Without equal language access or communication access, Latinx families (parents/guardians/extended family members) and their DDBDDHHLD children are systematically denied their right to be involved in their various educational, political, and social activities.


California Manos del Corazón’s mission is TOGETHER we Connect, Empower, Decolonize—all in SOLIDARITY. As a state organization, we Connect with Latinx families and their DDBDDHHLD children as language and cultural models. We support and encourage the inclusion of ASL/Spanish/English trilingual interpreting services, Spanish/English translation and Lengua de Señas Mexicana (LSM)/ASL translation so they may Empower themselves as individuals learning to navigate in a hearing/spoken English society with the necessary language knowledge and skills. We Decolonize together with education and information on how educational institutions and society often operate in a contradictory approach and pedagogy. Together we learn how to advocate and promote Latinx DDBDDHHLD children’s rights to equal education, language access, communication access, and culture access. We stand in SOLIDARITY by uniting and working together.


Spanish language, Latin American sign languages, culture, and traditions are just as valuable as ASL and Protactile ASL, Deaf and DeafBlind cultural traditions here in the United States. Communication access equates with a show of respect as well as honoring the individual and collective importance. Communication access applies to all forms of communication including social media.


California Manos del Corazón’s communication strategy, or plan, is an essential tool for developing strong and lasting relationships—with the communities it serves, with other organizations, agencies, educational institutions, corporations—particularly when the plan is integrated into the organization’s short- and long-term programs and resources.

See Our National Listing of Sister Organizations

The “Solidarity Partnerships” webpage is a central resource of Latinx DDBDDHHLD national and state organizations. All you have to do is look it up on the online directory, click on the organization’s link to learn more information and facts.

Get Connected with Latinx DDBDDHHLD-Owned Businesses

The Latinx Deaf Ecosystem Directory is where you need anything specific (e.g. Entertainment, Graphic Designers, Photographers, and more!) from our Latinx DDBDDHHLD community. It allows all types of businesses and services to be part of the directory. Let’s support the Latinx DDBDDHHLD community’s economy together!

Get Inspired by Our Community Partners

The “Community Partnerships” webpage details community involvement. The organizations, agencies, educational institutions, and corporations are all involved in short-term or long-term projects with California Manos del Corazón. No matter the size, CMC is only as strong as our community partners. We will continue to provide opportunities for our Latinx DDBDDHHLD Californians.

Search for Specific Useful Links of Community Resources

The DDBDDHHLD community link directory is a catalog of websites. The online categories are nonprofit organizations; access agencies; resource services; schools and government agencies in the state of California. Each entry will include the name of the agency’s and the organization’s website and the description of their services.

Source: Reese, P. & Magagnini, S. (2015). Census: Hispanics overtake whites to become California’s largest ethnic group. Retrieved: 28 November 2018. <>

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