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Latinx DDBDDHHLD Business Partners

Business Partnerships with California Manos del Corazón, our partners allow us to reach some of the most high-potential talents and their investment of time and energy through their generous contributions. CMC welcomes our business partners to market their businesses within our community. Our Latinx Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Hard of Hearing, Late-Deafened (DDBDDHHLD) business partners and California Manos del Corazón are in full agreement that together we Connect. Empower. Decolonize. Our collaborations strive for optimum success for our Latinx children, youths, families, and communities. Our business partners include, but not limited to, artists, bakers, designers, accountants, photographers, landscapers, and many others. Visit their websites or social media channels.


[Image description: Animated art of Omar Guzman. The background resembles a dark gray. Omar is wearing a beanie, glasses, looking to the camera with a smirk on his face. Sporting a mustache and goatee. His face is dominated by the color shades of tan and brown.]

Owner: Angel Omar Guzman



[Logo description: An illustration of Loteria shows a sky blue background bordered by two black lines. In the upper left corner is a black-colored "20," and in the entry is a brown-skinned hand and arm holding a red and pink veined human heart. The arm extends downwards and becomes tree roots. Nestled in the far-right roots is a bowl holding burning sage wrapped in string. The smoke from the sage wafts upwards, surrounding the hand. At bottom in black is "SOCORROXGARCÍA."]

Owner: Socorro García


Facebook: socorroxgarcia | Instagram: socorroxgarcia | Twitter: socorroxgarcia

Susan González, Esq.Attorney at Law 

[Image description: Susan González is wearing an all-black dress with long brown hair. She is holding stones with both of her palms to the sides. On her left palm, she is holding a larger stone at the bottom and a smaller stone at the top. On her right palm, she is only holding one medium-sized stone. Susan is staring at the camera, standing on the shore of a beach with no footwear. The body of water is behind her.]

Owner: Susan González


Warrior Photography

[Logo description: A grey-blackish oval background with a white pencil drawing of a person with long hair holding a camera. The camera is located near their face with the arms and hands positioned a certain way to take a picture. Slightly above the elbows is a see-through white rectangular box with the wording in black that reads “Warrior Photography” and below it “Lynn Morán.”]

Owner: Lynn Morán

Website: Under Construction

Facebook: Under Construction Instagram: warriorlaphoto

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