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50th Anniversary of East L.A. Walkouts


March 1, 2018

[Video description: An introduction to Roberto and Socorro. There is a mural in the background. In the middle of the video is a clip displaying the police brutality violently imposed on brown students. Near the end are clips of the school's hallways and doors.]


50 years ago, thousands of students walked out of East LA schools. Roberto Sandoval and Socorro García presented a video together. Check it out. #ethnicstudiesnow #chicanxhistory #walkout #eastla




[Greetings by Roberto & Socorro]


Roberto: California Manos del Corazón and SXG (SocorroXGarcia) collaborated on a project. If you haven't, please check her website which consists of great information ( Today marks the 50th anniversary of Walk Out. 


Socorro: Fifty years ago, from March 1 to March 8, 1968, approximately 15,000 students walked out of classes from Los Angeles' high schools, demanding educational justice. Los Angeles Unified School District ignored numerous requests for Mexican American history. They forbade Chicano students from speaking Spanish; steered them away from college to fill the field of vocational work. Walkouts led to improvements in city schools, but we are still far from education equality. 


Roberto: A brief clip of the walkout and our recent visit to Roosevelt High School.


[There are graphic parts to the clip that consist of police brutality on brown students. Viewer discretion is advised.]

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