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CMC Board of Chairs Nominations


March 26, 2018

[Video description: A Latinx woman wearing a gray top with neon green panels (stripes) on her shoulders and is wearing dark reddish lipstick. She has earrings on and the wall behind her is dark green.]


Hi, I am Jennifer Spensieri and I’m with California Manos del Corazón (CMC). CMC is committed to honoring our Latinx intersectional communities by breaking down the social, political, educational, economic, communication and language barriers that have created inequalities for us. As an organization we TOGETHER we Connect, Empower, Decolonize, all in SOLIDARITY. As a community, CMC asks YOU to join us! Why and How?

California Manos del Corazon is seeking new board members, CMC has two board chair positions open: Chair of CMC and Records Chair. CMC would like to grow as a board as well.

CMC revitalized itself in January 2016 with the current board. It is now time to grow and create programs to support CMC’s mission and passion. Together with you, CMC can accomplish amazing things!

f you are interested in becoming a part of California Manos del Corazon, submit:

  1. Resume

  2. Upload short video via YouTube

  • Brief Bio of yourself

  • Share your past experience of organization involvement

  • What can you bring to CMC? 

Email us your resume and the link to YouTube video at by March 31st.

CMC thanks you for your interest!

Please note the deadline for submissions has been postponed to Monday, April 9th.

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